Slayers of the Chromatic Dragon

To Earn Your Wings
How to Become a Knight


We start our journey in the country of Cormyr, a young thief had been sent on a quest, “Steal an ancient artifact, and transport it back to the desired waypoint. Do not get seen.” her quest however ended briefly as her plans were stopped by the local Purple Dragons. King Foril, however would not execute the thief. Instead he would give her a chance to prove herself worthy of the breath she draws by going on a quest for him with the aid of a magical collar.


A young dwarf looking for adventure has finally rolled into town looking for fun and adventure. The things on his mind go from women, to beer, to more women. Upon seeing a local Purple Dragon get the googly eyes from quite a few women he knew what he was missing. it wasn’t a beard, it wasn’t a hammer, no it was the uniform that made all women weak in their knees. He set out to the palace in hopes of asking the king if he could join the Purple Dragons.


A dragonborn whose temper gets the best of her, she spent 40 years trying to understand magic and still doesn’t grasp some of the ideas of magical lore. All that studying seems to hold her back as she fails to produce ample results on the field of battle and can’t even hit the training dummies. Her one dream of becoming a War Wizards put on hold due to the fact they felt like sending a trainee on some death row mission with some dwarf. It sounds better than casting levitation spells on feathers all day long.

Scampering in the Hills
There's Goblins in them Hills

The adventurers have left the capital city Suzail, and head to the East. along the way the Adventurers encounter a merchant with a cursed axe. Thoradin takes it upon himself to cleanse the axe of its curse so that it may be used in battle once more. In time however the adventurers stumble across a trader of unknown origin. His wagon in shambles and his goods lost to the creatures of the hillsides the only thing left was his life, and even that was fading fast. After a quick medical procedure by Mod, the trader was able to tell the party of nearby Goblin attacks. Their adventure from there out is for them to tell.


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