Cotte Noen

Armorsmith of Triel


Class: Merchant (Armor Smith) – Tailor
Specialty: Cloth Armor
Merchants Guild Rank: 56
Branch: Triel Triad
Title: Minor Smithy
Influence: Very low.



Cotte is a half elf, but you would not notice at a passing glance, his appearance seeming more human than elf at all, his hair flows from his head with curly black locks and his ears are safely tucked into a cloth band he uses to keep the sweat out of his eyes. From time to time you can see Cotte rubs his shoulder, where an old wound tears at his flesh with the pearly white scar tissue. His eyes however will always stay moving, and can see a shop lifter at a moments glance.


Cotte used to be a scout, serving alongside the Purple Dragons in his youth before he retired for a simpler life. After years spent crafting his own loom he finally was able to produce fabric and such that could be adorned with many gems. It was only once the Mages Guild of Triel commissioned him to create robes of power did he take up enchanting and ascend to earning his place as one of the worlds best tailors. He can work a hammer as fine as any other run of the mill blacksmith, but his true strength is in matters f fabric and lace.

Cotte Noen

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