Demon from times forgotten.


Deiodus Staff lvl 0
Attitude: Rude, Vulgar, Sexist, Perverted.
Likes: Blood stone, boobs, misfortune, boobs.
Dislikes: Elementals, Genasi, People, Fat Guys.
Known bonuses:
At +10 loyalty- give wielder a bonus to Arcana and Demon knowledge checks equal to Deiodus’s item enchantment bonus.
At +15 loyalty- give the wielder the ability to telepathically communicate with the party, and Deiodus ability to speak to each party member.



Deiodus is a rusty staff, parts of him made of bloodstone, the other parts made of rusted steel. where an orb would rest lies a glass eye socket that appears to have wires sticking out of the back. legends of old spoke of men made of metal who were weapons of steel and energy, you can only assume that parts of those creatures were broken apart and used to make the staff.

Player Knowledge

Deiodus as far as the party knows, is a being trapped in a somewhat peculiar staff. With the eye of a Warforged as it’s focusing orb, the staff now known as Deiodus is a watchful companion to the party even though he does not seem to like them at times. His knowledge of all things Arcana and Demonic make him a welcomed asset to the team as he continues to prove his worth in situations of all varieties.


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