King Foril



About seventy years of age, Foril Obarskyrhas ruled for the last thirty years. He’s not the old lion that Azoun IV was, nor a great lawmaker like his father Azoun V, but he is a great strategist, statesman, and administrator. In his youth, he trained with the War Wizards and the Purple Dragons. Now he leaves the fighting to others, understanding that he is too important to his country to act recklessly. Foril is also well aware that he is reaching the end of his reign.

Current Standings

The king has seen many an adventurer come and go from his land and hopes that a new hero shall rise to the occasion as his time comes to an end. In his effort to search for great champions he had sent a thief who had stolen from the kingdom, a mage with a temper that matched those of her ancestors, and a drunken dwarf to go on a quest to prove themselves strong enough to fight the tides of imminent threats.

King Foril

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