Enchanter of Triel


Class: Merchant (Mage’s one Stop Shop) – Enchanter
Specialty: Rings and Gems
Merchants Guild Rank: 22
Branch: Triel Triad
Title: Flicker Step
Influence: Moderate High



“He seems human, doesn’t he? the way he walks is a little peculiar and his voice doesn’t have an accent I’ve heard of. When it comes to this man it seems like there is a lot he isn’t telling us. It might be because he has twelve fingers or that his eyes change colors every now and then, but his magical connections reach farther than the mortal planes. One thing is for certain I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley in the middle of the night.” -Cotte Noen


A man of mystery, he seems to have connections across all the land and portals to the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos in his basement. Once a weilder of the staff Deiodus he resides in Triel as one of the most respected and feared mages in the land.


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