Sorrin Bladesinger

Weaponsmith of Triel


Class: Merchant (Weapons Smith) – Blacksmith
Specialty: Swords
Merchants Guild Rank: 32
Branch: Triel Triad
Title: Silver Fingers
Influence: Moderate.



Born half man and half Orc his body shows off the muscles gained over years of hard work. his clothes are minimalistic as his only concerns are that of his blades. around his hip you will most likely see a Rapier bearing his families coat of arms. His brown hair is tapered tightly and his eyes a luminescent green. Standing at 6’4 and weighing a burly 240lb. this beast of a man won’t be afraid to show you the edge of his silver.


Sorrin, used to, and still is a master of words, whether it be the act of purchasing a towns mines for silver on the old sovereign, or having an adventurer wield his weapons in battle against mighty foes. Sorrin started his career to the North in a small village alongside his sister Elena, they both studied under their father Roche in the art of weapon forging. When they both came of age they sought out means to become masters of their craft, Sorrin headed to the spellscarred lands to find new and more powerful components while Elena joined the military to serve for a higher purpose.

At the age of thirty Sorrin entered the Merchants Guild and promptly gained acquisition of his first mine. his sister soon found him after years of campaigning. they returned to their fathers side to forge a weapon of great power and place it upon his headstone. To this day they say his fathers ghost fends off the evils off the undead from the cemetery he lies dormant in with the very blade..

Sorrin Bladesinger

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